Make My Stay was launched in 2008 as an easy way for people to book quality, independent holiday accommodation Australia wide. The site is designed for those who want to avoid the impersonal service of a large hotel and prefer the independence of quality holiday homes, apartments, cottages and boutique accommodation. Best of all, most of the properties on Make My Stay are listed directly by the property owner so you get to deal direct.

At MakeMyStay we believe that travel and holidays are one of the great joys of life and we’re committed to helping you enjoy the best of Australia. However, we’re also aware that if we’re not careful our travels can have a negative impact on the places that we visit. We want to make sure that we look after our environment so that our great destinations can be enjoyed by generations to come.

That’s why we’ve provided these simple tips to help you enjoy your travel responsibly:



What to Pack

  • Travel Light. The more you pack, the more you have to transport, and that increases emissions.
  • Take environmentally friendly detergents and shampoo to ensure that you keep rivers, lakes and the sea pollution free.
  • Use environmentally friendly sun-cream and lotions to help prevent oily build-up in swimming pools and at the seaside.
  • Take your camera so that you can take back great memories without damaging the environment.
  • Try not to take too much packaging with you as waste disposal in remote areas can be limited.
  • Take a water bottle, and fill it up from taps instead of buying bottled water on your trip.


  • Keep your carbon emissions down by avoiding flying where possible. Travelling by car or public transport is more efficient and you get to see more of the landscape.
  • Reduce journey distances. Explore the great places within Australia and within close range to your home. There are often many great places to stay right on your doorstep.
  • While on holiday, try to leave the car behind. For example, consider walking to town or cycling to the beach.



  • Select accommodation with environmentally friendly features such as rainwater collection, solar heating and low energy lighting.
  • Use your accommodation to full capacity. Why rent a four bed holiday home when there are only two of you?
  • Just like at home, take short showers, switch lights off when not in the room and keep the lid on the hot tub when not in use.


Out and About

  • When out in nature, keep to marked footpaths. It helps to protect natural habitats, reduces soil erosion and keeps you out of trouble.
  • Don’t collect wild flowers and materials. Instead, take photographs of the beautiful and interesting things you find.
  • Take all rubbish home with you, or use waste facilities provided.
  • Don’t disturb or feed wild animals.
  • While driving be careful of wildlife on the roads, especially where signposted. The most dangerous time for this is during dawn and dusk when many animals like kangaroos come out and the half light can make them hard to spot.
  • Where available, buy local produce and shop at local businesses. This helps to reduce your environmental impact and supports the local economy.